Behavior Based Safety Training (BBS)

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees has never been more critical. That's where behavior-based safety (BBS) comes into play. BBS is a proactive approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of unsafe behavior in the workplace, ultimately leading to a safer and more productive environment.

Behavior Based Safety Training or BBS Overview

Behavior Based Safety Training
Behavior Based Safety Training

What is Behavior Based Safety?

Behavior Based Safety (BBS) is a proactive approach to workplace safety that focuses on the behavior of individuals as the key factor in preventing accidents and promoting a safe work environment.


The underlying principle of BBS is that by identifying and modifying unsafe behaviors, organizations can effectively reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries.


BBS recognizes that human behavior is influenced by various factors such as attitudes, beliefs, and social norms. Therefore, instead of solely relying on safety procedures and equipment, BBS aims to create a culture of safety by addressing the root causes of unsafe behavior.

The Importance of Implementing a Behavior Based Training in a Company

This is an advanced level course and to carry forward you must have some preliminary knowledge about the working of the health and safety management system in the industries and in offices.


Implementing Behavior Based Safety Training or BBS Training in the organizations is beneficial for team leads and supervisors who are managing a team of people and counter their different behaviors on daily basis. Apart from this, even if you belong to a different department other than health and safety this course will help you to increase your knowledge about the Behavior-Based Safety.

OSHC recommends practices for safety and health programs that include the involvement of employees and managers in safety and hazard identification and assessment, and the BBS program fulfills this requirement.

Behavior Based Safety Training Schedule 2024

24 May Weekday

BBS Weekday Webinar

Behavior Based Safety Training
May 24, 2024 1,299.00 Exclusive of VAT OSH Trainings
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Join us as we uncover the secrets to creating a safer and more productive workplace through the power of behavior based safety trainig.

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