Effective Communication Training

Proper and effective communication training is critical in fostering collaboration and preventing conflicts within any institution or organization. As such, it is essential that employees prioritize developing their communication skills to improve their ability to work effectively with colleagues.

Class Configuration

Webinar: maximum of 25 students

Classroom: maximum of 60 students

Completion Time

4 hours of discussion

Digital Resources


Successful Completion

Written evaluation

Performance evaluation

Effective Communication Training

Effective Communication Training
Effective Communication Training

In every institution and company, communication is the most important to promote understanding and avoiding conflict with your colleagues and other workmates. The Effective Communication Training will enhance the student’s knowledge and skills in communication to promote a harmonious work environment and to work collaboratively with others.

Effective Communication Training Objectives

Effective Communication Training Outline

Effective Communication Training Schedule 2023

23 October

Effective Communication Webinar

Effective Communication at Work
October 23, 2023 800.00 25 Qty Available HSS Trainings
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Developing your communication skills to improve your ability to work effectively with colleagues.

Investing in effective communication training can have a significant impact on both personal and organizational success.
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