Emergency First Aid and Basic Life Support Training Accredited by DOLE

Are you someone eager to learn emergency first aid and basic life support but have no prior skills or knowledge? You worry about not knowing how to react in emergency situations, fearing that your lack of knowledge could result in dire consequences for those in need. Our course Emergency First Aid and Basic Life Support Training Accredited by DOLE is here to help bridge the gap by providing you with essential first aid and basic life support skills.

Emergency First Aid and Basic Life Support Training Overview

Our one-day Emergency First Aid, CPR & AED Training Course is expertly designed to equip you with the necessary skills to become qualified Emergency First Aiders.

You will gain essential knowledge and proficiency in basic life support skills such as CPR and choking, wound and bleeding management, dressing and bandaging techniques, and other crucial first aid topics, including burn and scald, sudden cardiac arrest, and strokes.

This comprehensive program includes theoretical presentations, practical sessions, and lifelike simulations (including casualty makeup) to equip you with both knowledge and practical skills for handling a variety of emergency situations, whether in employment or everyday life. This Emergency First Aid and Basic Life Support Training meets all requirements set forth by Department of Labor and Employment.

Objective of the Emergency First Aid and Basic Life Support Training

After successfully completing the Occupational First Aid and Basic Life Support Training, you will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently respond to emergency situations.

Who Should Attend

Become a Successful DOLE-Accredited Emergency First Aider with BLS Skills

Successfully completing this course will grant you the confidence and competence to handle emergencies, fulfilling DOLE requirements and significantly enhancing your preparedness for any situation.

Training Methodologies

Our Emergency First Aid and Basic Life Support Training is designed specifically for individuals like you. The training combines engaging theory sessions, practical hands-on experience, and realistic simulations to ensure you are fully prepared for any emergency.

Theory Session

Experience a dynamic and engaging presentation with interactive audio-visual aids including real scene photographs, video clips, and multimedia presentation.

Practical Session

Hands-on experience and participant-centered approach ensure effective skill development.

Mock-Drill Session

Hands-on, immersive training that applies real-world scenarios to develop practical skills.

What You'll Learn

You will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in handling cardiac emergencies, including the cardiac arrest chain of survival and effective responses to sudden and secondary cardiac arrest. You will also learn crucial techniques such as performing BLS assessments, administering high-quality CPR, operating AEDs, and practicing rescue breathing and relief of choking.

Also, the course covers emergency action principles, including legal concepts, first aid roles, primary assessments, bleeding management, and the recognition and management of strokes and acute coronary syndrome (ACS), ensuring thorough preparation for emergency situations.

Cardiac And Common Problems

Emergency Action Principles


You are expected to undergo both theoretical and practical evaluations consisting of multiple-choice questions, skill demonstrations, and scenario-based mock drills.

Moreover, attendance during the Theory session must be at least 80%, and 100% attendance is mandatory during the Practical session.

Certification and Validity of Emergency First Aid and Basic Life Support Training Accredited by DOLE

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be granted a Certificate of Proficiency that holds national and international recognition.

The certificate will be dispatched to the your mailing address within a span of 10-14 working days after the course completion. Expedited delivery arrangements can be arranged upon request.

Highlight and Lifelike Drill

You will have the opportunity to put theory into practice through realistic simulation drills. You will be presented with emergency scenarios and challenged to quickly assess the situation, diagnose patients, and provide medical aid to simulated casualties.

By handling complicated emergencies under pressure, you will gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses, and enhance their professional skills.

A Photo of Training Equipment used in Emergency First Aid and Basic Life Support Training

We offer a structured and comprehensive one-day training course that will transform you into a capable and confident first aider.

Classroom Learning: 1-day face-to-face training

What You'll Get

Comprehensive 1-Day Training
3 Years Certification Validity
Internationally Acknowledged Certificate of Proficiency Accredited by DOLE.
Learn from Industry Experts
Improved Employability Prospects
Increased Earning Capacity

Training Inclusions

Avoid Repeated Failures with Modern Professional Teaching Approach

Don’t risk being helpless in critical moments. By completing our training, you will avoid the fear and uncertainty that come with being unprepared, ensuring that you can act effectively when it matters most.

Be a Skilled Emergency First Aider Employers are Looking For!

Enroll now in our DOLE-Accredited Emergency First Aid, CPR & AED Training and take the crucial step toward becoming a skilled and reliable first aider.

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