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About Health and Safety Solutions Philippines

HSS Philippines Focuses on Quality Health and Safety Training Courses

Company Background

HSS Health & Safety Solutions strives to provide our participants with a quality reasonably priced training and services. Founded in 2011 in Dubai United Arab Emirates. 


The number one Training Center in UAE is now in Philippines. Our branch in Philippines has officially opened its training center in July 2019, under the leadership of our CEO Richard D. Regaspi. 


Richard, who originally hailed from province of Camarines Sur, came to UAE in 2007 and worked as a Lifeguard in one of the 5-starhotel. Since then saving lives has been his passion and having spent over a decade in UAE, and witnessed how the knowledge of first aid, basic life support, health and safety have brought quality of life, and keep the community standards abreast with skills of saving one’s life was not only rewarding but an honor to be a part of something of a bigger purpose.


Our mission is to provide quality-assured Health and Safety consultancy and training services that meet the specific needs of our clients as well as fully complying with the standards set by Government agencies. The Health and Safety training courses are conducted by approved and regulated trainers utilizing the highest quality resources.

We ensure up-to-date legislative advice and our services are at a price that is both competitive and excellent value for money.


All courses involve in-depth practical, interactive demonstrations that reflect real-life scenarios, aiding the training process. These have been widely complimented by our clients and are individually tailored to their needs. This practical approach helps to ensure that when an accident occurs, the trained staff are capable of dealing with the situation swiftly and effectively, dramatically minimizing the cost and impact of the incident to the organization. Health and Safety Solutions is committed to integrity, honesty, respect and equal opportunities in its services, trainers and delegates. 

Our Mission

Our mission is not simply to educate our clients but to provide practical solutions to keep your family and loved ones safe, and to bring quality of life through health and safety and this has been the inspiration to bring HSS Health and Safety Solutions to every door of Filipino families. 


Together, We Create A Safer Tomorrow, Today!

Our Vision

Core Values

Professionalism– displaying a mark of competency in knowledge, ability, training and experience. 


Integrity – doing the right thing in a reliable way; the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. 


Enthusiasm – lively interest and strong energy for passion to coach and mentor.


Self-motivation yields high self-esteem, happiness, passion for life, and success.

Accreditations and certifications

HSS Philippines takes pride in its accreditations and certifications, which serve as testaments to the high standards of our health and safety trainings in the Philippines. As a professional health and safety training provider, we aim to deliver exceptional service in compliance with international and local industry standards.

Create a healthier and safer work and home environment.

Prevent an incident from becoming a crisis.

Authentic Testimonials from Our Students

We take immense pride in presenting genuine feedback from our esteemed clients as it reinforces our commitment towards delivering reliable health and safety training courses.

Big Brands Trust HSS Philippines as there health and safety training courses provider.

We aim to provide exceptional service and exceed client expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we value long-term partnerships.

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