Our OSH-Expert Team Members

We are dedicated to help the government reduce work-related accidents. Our trainers and consultants are experts in their fields and have many years of experience. 

Richard Regaspi - CEO and President

Richard Regaspi


Richard Regaspi, who originally hailed from the province of Camarines Sur, came to UAE in 2007 and worked as a lifeguard in one of a 5-star hotel. Since then saving lives has been his passion and having spent over a decade in UAE, and witnessed how the knowledge of first aid, basic life support, health and safety have brought quality of life, and keep the community standards abreast with skills of saving one’s life was not only rewarding but an honor to be a part of something of a bigger purposes. 


“HSS Philippines will empower each and every Filipino with knowledge of health and safety so that they can improve their quality of lives and protect themselves and their love ones.”

Jeffrey Escalona


In HSS, we are committed in providing quality yet affordable trainings. 

Our efforts to elevate the value of safety don’t stop with legislators. We also work to ensure that business leaders understand that sound safety practices are not only socially responsible but also good for business, leading to increased productivity, a better reputation and higher employee satisfaction. 

Become uniquely qualified to influence every entities on occupational safety and health issues. 

Leverage your expertise to advance the profession by getting involved with your local community, region, practice specialty or common interest group. 

Carlo Martin B. Cardinez


Helping organizations identify the “why” in their journey to OSH excellence is one of the most portions of the work I do.


Many organizations are afraid of fines and other regulatory penalties. But the organizations that excel in OSH performance and management system implementation are doing so because they’ve identified core values that align with their desire to keep workers healthy and safe and minimally impact the environment around them.


Working with organizations to find that, is one of the most difficult yet rewarding parts of what I do. 


In HSS, we are committed in providing quality yet affordable trainings. 

John Eric M. Cagat


Many people don’t have the confidence to speak up when they see a problem.


If you see, hear or notice anything wrong, or even if you simply have a feeling that something isn’t quite right, then that is reason enough to speak up.


We cannot put a value on the wellbeing of people. Ensuring we are safe must always be our main priority. Take care of yourselves and those around you. Speak up if you need to and most of all, know we are all in this together. 


Everyone of us has the same goal: to get everyone home safely, always. Speak to your manager and contact your Safety Officer the minute you observe any potential issue.

Ramoncito C. Viterbo


Safety, is more than a profession, it is a VOCATION.


The single low point in my safety career was to witnessed an injurious accident that occurred at the first site where I worked as a safety professional.


That injury altered that workers life and his entire family forever, it was a preventable accident.


This event was very traumatic to me and it transformed my understanding of the importance of safety from something I knew in my head to a strong feeling in my heart.


I resolved them to dedicate myself doing the best I can to prevent serious injuries, illnesses and fatalities. A day passed without a serious accident or illness is victory for safety.

Reginald S. Basco


One candle lights another and loses nothing in the process.


I like how I can teach a class full of safety professionals, who go back and teach their safety committee members, who each go out and detect and report hazards, and all of them take the safety message home to their families and friends.


The ripple effect of raising safety awareness keeps on going.

Rimmiel Inginte - OSH Practitioner and Speaker

Rimmeel F. Inginte


Organizations tend to start assigning blame after an incident. “Who did this? We had the right policies in places. Someone screwed up.”


It leads to an avoidance type of behavior. People are afraid if they speak up, somehow they’ll be blamed. Many times organizations can be very checklist-driven when it comes to safety. But then safety failures still happen. 


Don’t take anything for granted. Just because you hired a safety consultant and developed this whole beautiful safety plan, it means nothing unless it’s implemented, unless your employees – especially temporary staff – are on board. 


Shortcuts will be taken. Safety standards will be violated. And one day an accidents will happen. 

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