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Safety Officer Training Center Accredited by DOLE

HSS Philippines take pride in our accreditations and certifications

HSS Philippines is a safety officer training center accredited by DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment). At our safety officer training center, providing high-quality and comprehensive safety training programs is our top priority. 


As an accredited training center by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), we take pride in our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in safety officer training.


Our team of experienced and highly skilled and industry expert OSH practitioners and consultants are dedicated to imparting essential knowledge, skills, and expertise required to excel in the safety industry. 


Our range of courses caters for different industries and job specifications, covering everything from basic occupational safety and health trainings to advanced hazard identification and risk assessment training.


We understand that each trainee has unique needs, and as such, we design our programs to cater to individual trainee’s requirements. Our welcoming and supportive training environment ensures trainees enjoy personal growth and development throughout their learning experiences.

How to verify that HSS Philippines is a Safety Officer Training Center accredited by DOLE?

Our DOLE accreditation places us among the leading safety training centers in producing competent and highly qualified safety officers. We are excited to help trainees achieve their professional objectives and to make esteemed contributions to their organizations.


Please feel free to verify our DOLE accreditation by clicking this link: Safety Officer Training Center Accredited by DOLEThen look for HSSLLC Training Center’s name on the list.

HSS Philippines’ DOLE Accreditation Number is 1030-130820-119.

The importance of investing time and money on a DOLE accredited training center for workers and the business

Investing your time and money on a DOLE accredited training center is an important aspect when it comes to staff development and enhancement of their skills.


It ensures that their programs are aligned with industry standards and the curriculum is comprehensive enough to cover all necessary aspects for your employees and staff. 


Choosing a DOLE accredited training center gives assurance that the training and development being received by your staff will lead to personal and professional growth.


As an employer, it is a great opportunity to have your staff trained and equipped with skills and knowledge that provide significant contributions to your organization’s success. 


It is a wise investment not only in the development of the staff but also in the growth of the organization as a whole.

HSS Philippines' Other Accreditations and Certifications

HSS Philippines takes pride in its accreditations and certifications, which serve as testaments to the high standards of our health and safety trainings in the Philippines. As a professional health and safety training provider, we aim to deliver exceptional service in compliance with international and local industry standards.

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