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The following constitute the terms and conditions to which interested individuals agree to when registering for any HSSLLC Health and Safety Solutions Training Center on-line training. Please read the Agreement carefully. To confirm your  understanding and acceptance of the Agreement, click “Agree.”

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A. Introduction to our online training service

This Agreement governs your registration and training. To attend our training, you need compatible hardware, software and Internet access. Your training experience may be affected by these factors. 

Participants are required to use a laptop or desktop with an internal/external webcam and microphone. Mobile devices such as phones or tablets will not be allowed. Participants must also have a word processing and presentation viewing/editing program as well as the latest update of Google Chrome installed. 

A stable internet connection is recommended (such as Fiber Wi-Fi) and a minimum connection of 3G for mobile broadband users. It is recommended to have 10GB data allowance per day for those with data allocation limits (i.e. prepaid and postpaid cellular/mobile data).

Windows Platform [Software and Hardware Requirements]

MAC Users Requirements

B. Data Privacy

HSSLLC shall collect, process, retain, and store personal data in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act 10173 – Data Privacy Act of 2012.


In connection with the operation of the webinar, you will be asked to provide us with information that personally identifies you or allows us to contact you (“Personal Information”) when you register for the use of the service. The Personal Information that you provide us in these circumstances will be provided to the HSSLLC Training Center’s provider of its audio- and web-conferencing services, and vendors that assist them in processing the information, for the sole purpose of enabling them to operate and deliver the webinar service. 


It is a requirement of HSSLLC Training Center’s partner vendors to enter into an agreement prohibiting disclosure of this information to others and restricting its use to providing the contracted services of the webinar. The only exception to this is necessary disclosure for legal purposes in line edicts of the law.


The association provider of its audio- and web-conferencing services for webinars is a market-leader of audio- and web-conferencing services. With this comes the understanding of users’ need for privacy when using the web for communications and the utmost care in providing the highest levels of security possible. The Personal Information that the HSSLLC Training Center’s provider of its audio- and web-conferencing services collect from webinar registrants is stored in operating environments that employ reasonable security measures and that are not available to the general public. HSSLLC Training Center and its service provider of audio- and web-conferencing services are not responsible for unauthorized access to such information by hackers or others that obtain access through illegal measures.


A copy of HSSLLC Training Center’s audio- and web-conferencing service provider’s practices and policy with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of user information collected through the use of their technology services can be obtained by contacting the HSSLLC Training Center personally. Please refer to our Privacy Policy with respect to the use of personal information.

C. Screening of Registrations

The compatibility of your device and connection shall be screened through the Pre-Registration. HSSLLC shall send you an email if your device and connection is compatible. Then you shall proceed to the Official Registration through our Online Enrollment Form. The purchase of webinar attendance is for use by the attendee only and registration credentials (login/passwords) should not be forwarded on to third parties; doing so may hinder your own access, as webinar entry is by prior registration only. Similarly, the materials and replay of webinars are for use by the purchaser only and should not be forwarded or passed-on to third parties.

D. Attendance

Before the start of the training session, the registration picture of the participants shall be compared with participants’ video to ensure that the enrolled participant is the one attending the training. The participants shall be required to open their video camera during the entire training for video recording of their attendance. Their Display Name shall indicate their Legal Full Name – declared on the Registration Form and shall be compared to their submitted 2 valid Government ID with photo and signature to ensure that the registered participant is the one attending the webinar class. This will be monitored and recorded by the HSSLLC OSH Moderator.

You are only allowed a discretion of maximum 10% of training hours leniency to miss out on total training hours, if you missed more than 10% of the total training hours – you will then be directed to attend the next batch training.

E. Video/Audio Recording Disclaimer

Please note that HSSLLC Health and Safety Solutions Training Center allows audio and other information sent during the session to be recorded, which may be discoverable in a legal matter. By joining these webinar sessions, you  automatically consent to such recordings. 


By joining this webinar, I am allowing the HSSLLC Health and Safety Solutions Training Center to audio or video tape me as part of

this seminar.

F. Completion of Training

Once officially registered, participants must complete the number of hours required in order to obtain their Certificate of Completion. Attendance will be monitored via webcam; therefore, all participants must turn on their webcam at all times. A log-out link shall be provided at the end of each day. Participants who have missed more than 10% of the allotted time per module shall not be given Certificate of Completion. They must adhere to the Catch-Up Policy of HSSLLC Training Center.

G. Catch-up Policy

Participants shall be given a chance to attend the module they missed within one month’s time. They must coordinate with the HSSLLC Training Center regarding available schedules. A participant who is consistently not prepared for the webinar class, fails to attend webinar class or participate online, and whose gross neglect of work is disruptive to the progress of instruction, may after written warning by the Resource Speaker / OSH Instructor, be excluded from the courses. The participants will then be directed to attend the next batch of webinars to proceed with his/her course.

H. Submission of Written Work

Participants are responsible for ensuring that required written work is submitted and received by HSSLLC Training Center on time. The written work submitted should be in accordance with the Resource Speaker / OSH Instructor’s requirement and obtain proof that the submission has been delivered successfully. This includes work that is submitted in person or by postal mail, e- mail or an electronic drop box. 


Submitting the wrong document or wrong version of the document is not grounds for an extension of time, re-grading or any form of re-consideration, nor is it an acceptable defense if plagiarism is detected. Participants are responsible for the version of work that they submit. 


Late work may be submitted with the Resource Speaker / OSH Instructor’s approval and according to Resource Speaker / OSH

Instructor’s policies.

I. Course Evaluation

Course Evaluation Form – immediately following the webinar class, and participants will be told it’s coming.

J. Question and Answer

The participants may ask questions during allocated Questions and Answer Portion

K. Issuance of Certificates of Completion

Digital Certificate of Completion will be issued upon submission and completion of coursework activities and re-entry plan. Hard copy of Certificate of Completion will be delivered via courier to the address indicated by the participant in the  registration Form, once the participant has completely attended the required number of hours and complied with all the requirements of the training.

Release of Certificate

Digital Certificate: 5 – 7 days processing (reports needs to be completed and submitted to DOLE)


Printed Certificate: 14-21 days of processing and shipping time

  1. Pre-test, post-test, daily quizzes, daily course evaluations, group and individual workshops, re-entry planning must be completed on a daily basis, so we can submit this on a timely basis to DOLE-OSHC upon course completion.
  2. Consolidation of reports and submission to DOLE-OSHC shall take an approximate of 1-2 days, should everybody have complete required reports, attendance.
  3. In the event of lacking or missing reports this shall cause delays to our process and shall affect the whole batch as we need to remove those lacking reports and requirements from the DOLE-OSHC Directory in which the certificate numbers are serialized and subsequently approved and filed to DOLE- OSHC Database.
  4. Once approved by DOLE-OSHC – we shall email you a digital copy for your confirmation of the details, spelling is correct, postal address is correct for the shipping of the hard copy. This will take about another 1-2 days  depending on how fast the participants will reply and confirm their details, the faster you reply, the faster we can verify details.
  5. Once details are confirmed, we then start the printing of the certificates and pack for shipping.
    • Metro Manila: 1 – 2 days shipping time
    • Luzon / Outside or Metro Manila: 3 – 5 days shipping time
    • Visayas: 5 – 7 days shipping time
    • Mindanao: 7-10 days shipping time
    • Note: *Due to certain quarantine restrictions – please allow and expect some delay in terms of shipping depending on your location quarantine restrictions.
  6. For those who wish to order a Safety Officer’s ID, Polo Shirt or Jacket – it will be best to order it upon enrollment as well so we can process your order and have it ready in advance, so it does not cause delay in shipping of your certificates. For those who wish to order a Safety Officer’s ID, Polo Shirt or Jacket – it will be best to order it upon enrollment as well so we can process your order and have it ready in advance, so it does not cause delay in shipping of your certificates.
  7. For complementary courses – (Stress Management, Effective Communication) please note we only provide digital certificates only – if you wish to have printed certificates – a nominal fee of Php100 each certificate and it will be shipped along with the enrolled course certificate.
  8. If you enrolled for the promotional packaged courses – Please note that we will have to complete all courses and we will ship everything 1-time. You are entitled to 1x FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE. If you wish to ship as and when you completed the course – you will have to shoulder and pay for the shipping fee.

L. Refund Policy

It is regretted that enrollment in the events is non-cancelable. There will be no refunds, substitutions or credits applied towards the webinar event fees. The Membership Fee, Subscription Fees, Online Classes Enrollment Fee, Course Procurement Fee, Registration Fee for Webinars, Seminars, cannot be refunded. 


Exceptions to the “Refund Policy” are authorized by the HSSLLC Training Center Management upon a written request by the user via email to admin@hssphilippines.com. In case any refunds are to be issued, the accounting and billing will need 30 days or less to send the refund payment. Refunded money will be returned/refunded via cheque paid out to the registered students to be collected at the HSSLLC Training Center and shall be subject to administrative fee of 3%.

M. Intellectual Property

All Intellectual Property Rights in the Course Materials provided via Zoom or Google Drive and the lectures done by resource persons are, and remain, the intellectual property of HSSLLC Training Center. You are not authorized to:

  1. copy, modify, reproduce, re-publish, sub-license, sell, upload, broadcast, post, transmit or distribute any of the Course Materials without prior written permission;
  2. record on video or audio, relay by video call or other means
  3. use the Course Materials in the provision of any other course or training; and
  4. remove any copyright or other notice of HSSLLC Training Center on the Course Materials;
Breach by you of this clause shall allow us to immediately terminate these terms and conditions with you and cease to provide you with any Training. 
In consideration, we grant to you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the Course Materials provided in respect of the Online Training for the purpose of completing the requirements and advocating Occupational Safety and Health to your workplace.

Table of Contents

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