Working at Heights Training

Working at Heights Training is an extensive training program that will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely and effectively at heights. Our experienced trainers will guide you to ensure you are fully prepared for the job. With our training, you can feel confident in your ability to work at heights and adhere to safety regulations.

Working at Heights Training Overview

Working at Heights Training
Working at Heights Training

Working at Heights Training course aim  to help participants to gain knowledge and key requirements necessary to work at height, conduct a risk assessment and provide guidance on the main types of work equipment available and correct for working at height and select collective measures to prevent the risk of a fall.


This course gives participants a basic knowledge of the principles related to safe hoisting and rigging practices in the construction industry.

This includes working on a ladder, scaffolding, flat or sloped roofs, near an edge or an opening in a floor or wall and many, many more.


You are working at height if you are:

Who should take the Working at Heights Training course?

The Working at Heights Training course is available for either first time workers or experienced workers who are looking to receive a full refresher course for safely working at heights.


This course offers an in-depth education on how to prevent serious injuries and/or fatalities in the workplace. The program covers various fall arrest systems and fall protection.


After completing the Working at Height Training course, all participants should be able to recognize potential fall hazards, apply the necessary fall prevention and protection measures, understand how to work at heights safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements and have a full knowledge of their rights and responsibilities as workers.

Working at Heights Training Schedule 2024

16 July Weekend

Working At Heights Training

Working at Heights Training Course
July 16, 2024 1,299.00 Exclusive of VAT OSH Trainings
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Contact us today and learn how we can help keep you and your staff safe while working at heights!

If you or your staff need training in working at heights, we can help! Our expert instructors will guide you through all the safety procedures you need to know to work safely and efficiently at height.
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