Ensure OSH Compliance and Safety with DOLE-Accredited OSH and First Aid Training!

If your company is not compliant with OSH standards, you are at risk of facing penalties from DOLE.

Workplace Safety is Mandatory, Not an Option

Every company must ensure a safe workplace by complying with all the safety training requirements mandated by law, however…

Occupational First Aid and Basic Life Support Training

You're Struggling to Comply

Your company is struggling to meet legal requirements for OSH and First Aid Training.​

Construction Worker Caught in An Accident

You're Facing DOLE Penalties

You are feeling anxious about potential penalties and employee safety.

Stress Management Training

You Have No Training Expertise

You have no capabilities and expertise to conduct your own OSH and First Aid Training.

Professional Assistance For Your OSH and First Aid Training Needs

We understand how daunting it can be to comply with OSH regulations and to provide your own safety training. Our OSH and First Aid Training programs meet DOLE regulations for certification of your employees.

DOLE-Accredited Training Provider

We are DOLE Accredited training provider, empowering companies and safety officers with essential knowledge and skills.

Expert-Led Training

Courses are led by OSH and healthcare subject-matter experts with decades of experience in the industry.

Comprehensive and Updated Courses

Comprehensive and up-to-date occupational safety and health, as well as first aid training courses for a wide range of industries.

Latest Training Methodologies

Top-notch training equipment and methodologies used to help with better learning. Includes theory, practical sessions, and simulations.

Achieve Compliance and Excellence with Local and International Standards

HSS Philippines provides excellent OSH and healthcare training that adhere to both global and local standards as well as DOLE requirements.

3 Easy Steps to Avoid DOLE Penalties

Follow these simple steps to achieve compliance, protect employees, and avoid penalties.

1. Contact us

Contact us to discuss your company's OSH or First Aid Training needs.

2. Or Enroll now

Enroll your employees in one of our OSH or First Aid Training programs.

3. Complete the training

Complete the training to ensure compliance and enhance workplace safety.

Big Brands Trust Us for Our Health and Safety Trainings

We aim to provide exceptional health and safety trainings and exceed client expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we value long-term partnerships.

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Authentic Testimonials from Our Students

Our clients’ feedback confirms our dedication to reliable health and safety training in the Philippines.

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